27 April 2012

Knitting into the summer

I've knitted countless shawls like this one, over the last two years..

The fun part is that no shawls is the same,
I use wool in all its forms and like it when the texture is different between colors.

I just finished the dark one and already have two more on the knitting needles

could not be more different!

25 April 2012

Recycled pillow

My younger son got the pillow with the birds (see previous post) well; he saw it and said "This is mine!!"  So I needed to make a pillow for my older one too.
I have an overlock sewing maschine, and often when I throw away the offcutts I wish I could recycle it...

Well now I have found a way.. and it works quite well!

I first made a pillowcase from a scrap of sintetic fabric..
(yes recykled aswell... it was an offcut I saved)

Then I filled it up with the offcut from the overlock sewing maschine, and closed the gap....

My son wanted his name on it.. and a football... well the football is a round scrap of fleece fabric which is soft...
He loves it and he sleeps with it as I write this post!

24 April 2012

Lets talk a little about me!

 This is where I live, in a small town 40 km away from Rome,
called Mandela.
We live it the castle...
 The castle was originally built in the 1100 
but then it was enlarged in the 1600 and we live in that part.
 This is my studio, here I work

I have been making childrens hats for almost 10 years now,
but I love to sew and craft and I knit alot...
I also love to cook.. and sometimes mother nature surprises you!
I came across this aubergine in a supermarket last week...

It tasted good!

23 April 2012

Lets start!

 My mind keeps running around, it's spring in Italy
and I've got so many ideas that I need to get out..
Made this pillow today.. I used a scrap of cotton I had 
lying around and a shirt and pigiama bottoms which my 
boys had grown out of.
I like it

 I was at a market in Rome yestarday, the sun was shining...
Here are some snapshots from the Garbatella market.

Lets start is the sign of a new beginning of this blog.
Let me introduce myself...
I am an Icelandic mother of two boys (5 and 9)
married for almost 11 years
living in a small village close to Rome, Italy.
I'm a designer 
I knit
I crochet
I sew
I craft
I draw
I dream
This is my blog
HiN design is my label
Find me on Facebook

27 December 2011

Market life in december in Rome:)

December in Rome was mild, weather wise, but it rained alot,  I loved staying at my stall... different every time.  Here you see some pictures!